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Popcorn & Candy

Get your classic movie concessions and enjoy a night out! We serve popcorn in various sizes and have a large array of sweet and sour candies in three different sizes & price categories.

Sweet Pretzel


Why limit yourself to a snack? Get more out of your movie experience with our muchies!

We serve Nachos with Cheese and Soft Pretzels with Cheese!



No movie night would be complete without something to drink! Our theater proudly serves Pepsi products, Gatorade, Bottled Waters, Slushies, and Frozen Mtn. Dew and Frozen Pepsi!

*Refillable Buckets Available $11

Weekday Deals & Special Orders

Spotlight Specials, weekly deals
Pricing for Concessions and Tickets
Now Offering To - Go Bulk ordering for popcorn! Add a unique element to your corporate eve

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