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Popcorn & Candy

Get your classic movie concessions and enjoy a night out! We serve popcorn in various sizes and have a large array of sweet and sour candies in three different sizes & price categories.

Sweet Pretzel


Why limit yourself to a snack? Get more out of your movie experience with our muchies!

We serve Nachos & Pretzels with Cheese, and now Hot Dogs*!



No movie night would be complete without something to drink! Our theater proudly serves Pepsi products, Gatorade, Bottled Waters, Slushies, and Frozen Mtn. Dew and Frozen Pepsi!

*Refillable Buckets Available $11

Weekday Deals & Special Orders

Spotlight Specials, weekly deals
Pricing for Concessions and Tickets
Now Offering To - Go Bulk ordering for popcorn! Add a unique element to your corporate eve

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